Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Belated Thanks and Packing Peanuts

My wonderful Aunt "B" (name withheld to protect the midwesterner) carefully bundled up and sent her mother's rocking chair for Grace. Since Gramma died almost two years ago and never got to see our darling girl, I was really touched that at least they will have shared the same seat. I wonder what Gramma looked like at Grace's age, pushing away at those armrests to get the best back and forth momentum as Grace now does? Here's a pic of Grace in case one day our daughter's granddaughter wants to look up her blog and see for herself.... Thanks, dear Aunt B and Uncle D, who helped get the package off to UPS. Not a scratch on it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

back, front, side

It's hard to shoot this girl from the front --she's constantly on the move.

Now that she is 17 months, life is hers for the taking. She is busy with sandboxes and parties, playing and entertaining. She loves blowing bubbles, spotting birds and airplanes, pointing to her eyes, ears and nose. She sings, she blows bubbles in her milk. We visited the aquarium and she loved the large balls being bounced by dolphins. What she thought of the dolphins, I do not know.

Here are a few pics. More to come and some stories, later.