Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking Back...

Grace on Gotcha Day, Grace six months later....

Gracie's Easter Egg Hunt

And more... a mouthful of hard-boiled egg!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Our dear friends came over and hid hand-dyed eggs for Grace in the front yard. She caught on very quickly and scouted the whole yard, pulling her little red wagon behind her. The next day, she tried to recreate the fun by leaving a trail of plastic eggs in the kitchen for dad to find. [Pics to come.]

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Canine Intermission

Needed to get the pooches a little blog time. They are feeling left out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Little Rumor Queen

For my buddies on the RQ blog:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Pics for Which She'll Hate Me Later...

Despite cool temps outside, there are still plenty of clothing-optional occasions. Here are my faves:

Communing With Nature

Feeling Under the Weather...

Personal Hygeine

Summiting/Celebrating (Just Ask Tensing Norgay. Plus, it's warmer here than Everest and the cloud cover is actually a feather duvet)

Pondering your sagging middriff? No, that's for the parents. In this photo, she was clearly just preparing herself for the big climb having reached Base Camp I.

Relaxing in the Spa.

March: In Like a Lamb

Safety first!...why didn't we get her one of these when she was learning to walk???
Where there is food, there is a dog.
Grace's favorite sign: "Eat." We see it every 45 minutes, except when she is sleeping.
No words necessary.
Come on Spring!


Thank you for your patience as I have struggled to find time to download the new pictures and update the blog. Lots of good stuff coming soon.

Funny, the other day I was watching Grace as she exhibited her new emotion, impatience, and the thought occured to me that some people are named "Patience" and then I wondered if they threw tantrums, too, when they were 14.5 months old....

No matter, she is exerting her independence and we are happy. Hearing impaired, but happy.

Grace is doing very well. She enjoyed the Valentines (thank you to her Grammas and her Aunt Judy and big special thank you to MY Aunt Ann, who send her a cute puppy dog card that reminded me of the little cards we would bring for our classmates to put in their cubbies). [I hear that Grace will soon have a new little cousin from my Aunt's children. Congratulations, Renee!]

She also had a fun time at a local photo studio chain store showing the photographer that she not only understood commands such as "Sit," and "Stand," but that she also knows (and prefers) their antonyms....

Finally, for tonight's observations, Easter Bunnies are apparently not amusing. Despite being soft and mute, one should avoid being photographed with them at all costs.