Wednesday, June 30, 2010 the halfway mark

Busy, snowy winter; scarlet fever and hives; trips to LI, Rochester, and more coming up.  This is one active three year old.  Still in preschool, she is writing her name and other letters.  She sings a lot, makes up some stories once in a while, hates to be videotaped, still loves her blankets and stuffed animals (Baby B, Pink Stink, Meow Meow and a host of new additions).  She eats everything (even tried mussels and said they tasted "different" but refused to eat the foot; can you blame her?).  She has only gained a few ounces since December but has grown about an inch and a half.  She turns on lights, crawls onto the bath vanity to brush and floss teeth.  She is fascinated by the little black and red box elder beetles that scatter when she pokes the cluster of bugs on the side of the gazebo.  She is still crazy about animals and can recite the text of many books, especially those with animals (Roly Poly Pangolin and Puffling are her latest).  Last Sunday, she saw her first in-theater movie, Toy Story 3 -- she was great and at the end immediately posited that there would be a 4 and 5.  She loves to ride her bike or ride in a seat behind me or her dad.  I gave her her first big haircut, a bob, around Memorial Day to help keep her cool.  She loves short hair and hates to be sweaty (especially, for some reason, on her feet - couldn't keep her in socks or slippers this winter).

The computer has been on the fritz for many months but I just got it back and will upload some pics.  Here are a few from February to May, including Easter egg dying, Valentine production (which stretched into March - sorry we never sent them!); the SNOW (nearly 50 inches in one week); and more.  Missing are pics from her gymnastics performance and her new haircut -- they are on the video camera and phone camera and I need time to figure out how to transfer those files.  More to come, hopefully by August.  Grace and I are headed to Maine where I hope to pick blueberries with our little Sal.  Coming up on three years together this summer with this amazing child.  Love to all and thanks for your support!