Sunday, December 20, 2009

School Holiday Pageant!

Check out our cute little reindeer....first video is simply kids getting ready, second is the big performance.  Sorry about the poor video quality -- Santa, bring me a video camera!

Awww, shucks. Just tried to upload and blogger won't take .mov format.  Anyone have any suggestions?

In the meantime, while we sort out the technical difficulties, here are some pictures of our big snow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Working our way back to August in Photos

A few highlights from the collection. 

Halloween...A bit late, Sorry

She was a skunk for Trick-or-Treating but it was a very warm night and a very hot costume.  We hit six houses and by then she had the hood off and the top completely un-velcroed.  I hadn't put a shirt on her and when it started to rain, she looked like a cross between an Orlando-area stripper and roadkill.  Needless to say, we have no pictures of this.  However, for the pre-school parade and the previous night's haunted barn party, she went as a cowgirl.  Whether it's smores or sugar babies, this cowgirl likes her sweets.  She also prefers to wear her hat in the extruded crown style.  And for those who haven't heard the story, her horse is named Jackson Pollock.  Yep, that's right, Grace named him Jackson Pollock.  Hats off to former pre-school teacher Ginger, who focused on a few key artists in February of 2009.  Certainly left an impression on Grace!   Ironically, the horse is a paint.

Pics follow:

[Note:  Haunted barn a bit scary.  She was concerned that the skeletons might eat her.  I noted that they can't eat anything anymore, as they don't have stomachs.] 

In line for Santa....

She was great.  It was late at night, close to 9 pm.  Lots of children waiting in cheerful outfits, lots of parents in sweatpants and sloppy shirts.  Grace told us that she was going to ask for "another Audrey" (favorite doll) and wanted to tell Santa she could go to the North Pole to help him make presents.   She was excited and pretty patient.  A cute little 15-month old boy ahead of us discovered he was no longer shy and persisted in trying to hug Grace, but our girl played coy (or more like Lucy to Charlie Brown's football) and dodged little Gabriel every time.  Finally, just as we got close to Santa's big chair, Gabriel burst out crying at the sight of Santa.  Grace ran forward and gave the little guy a nice hug.  He was all smiles then, at least long enough for one good pic for his parents.  Then it was Grace's big moment.  She said "Santa!" and ran forward, scrambling into his lap.  And then....nothing.  Just like the Easter Bunny in 2008, or the Santa later that year.  Silence.  She stares off into the distance, looking as though she had just eaten a raw frog.  Finally, she climbed down and came to us.  "I didn't feel like talking," she explained.  That's okay, Santa knows.

Santa, Baby!