Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ethnic Baby

In June I had a sudden urge to put Grace back into the outfit she was wearing when we got her in August of 2007. It fits now, although back then she was just swimming in the little cotton two-piece set; the spaghetti straps were tied up in knots to keep the top from falling off her tiny shoulders.

Unlike all other baby clothing, which is almost universally made in China, this outfit was made in India.

We have always been amused by the saying printed on this little suit: "Ethnic Baby, " it says in English.

Dog Park

On the way.
Among the Dogs....

Florida in June

Belatedly, here are some photos from our mini-break in Ft. Lauderdale last month. The other cutie in the photos is her Pingjiang, Hunan China mate, Charlie. Acee loves ya, Charlie!

It took three days but by the end of the last day the girls were chasing each other, hugging, rolling on the floor and screaming with glee. Very cute. The first few days they eyed each other cautiously, assessing the likelihood that the other would steal their yogos/cheerios/golds (goldfish).

Grace loved to chase birds on the beach, wiggle her toes in the sand and endlessly shovel into her bucket at the water's edge. She didn't mind the surf but each day I took her into the water, she fell asleep on my shoulder. Vacations are so relaxing!

We saw a double rainbow over the ocean and another one the next week, when we were back home! That's a lot of good luck!

Grace was all eyes and ears as we entered the butterfly/bird sanctuary. She was in awe, and then just a little unnerved when lorikeets and parakeets began landing on her daddy's head and shoulders and back and arms -- as he was holding her in his other arm. (That would be the arm with the watch that Grace very intentionally dropped into the toilet at the hotel. So far, our first and only drain-stoppage effort. Calling on rainbow luck to protect us against future episodes.)

The whole trip was extra special because it started on Father's Day, and Daddy and Grace ventured into the water together on this first Father's Day together. (Nevermind the pic where she is screaming...she was mainly complaining about the lack of appropriate swimwear, soon rectified.)

She was a fantastic traveler, waving to everyone in the airport and on the airplane. Our only regret was giving her uncut juice on one of the legs of the airplane ride -- we had a VERY busy and LOUD child for an hour of encapsulated joy.

New words: Baibow, O (ocean), Beh (beach), something like Butterfly and, of course, Airplane!

Can't wait for our next beach trip. Bucket and shovel standing by.

Friday, July 4, 2008

First Fourth

Also, first ear infection. Also close of first week of preschool. A big week, all in all.

Here she is, enjoying refreshments during the neighborhood parade (watermelon). Watering the lawn (image is blurry as she first watered mommy and the camera). Dining on strawberries, blueberries, corn on the cob. Ah, summer!

Will write more soon.