Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pixie Pics

The Lost Pics

Computer failures this spring caused me to lose about 3 months of photos and 5 months of videos, including her sled dog ride (which I failed to capture well anyway due to operator error with the new video camera) and her first gymnastics performance (cute, but largely chaotic), some cute songs and the slow documentation of about 1.5 inches of growth. Rats.  Most of the photos you see in the last posting are from the lost files, so this blog is the only place in which they exist anymore... And where is that, anyway?  In the "cloud"????  

So, now our computer is repaired (cross fingers) and I will be backing up BEFORE reformatting the SD cards (lesson learned).  New photos coming soon. She is changing by the minute.

Also, some milestones passed while we were off the grid, notably, the third anniversary of "meeting" Xue Chun via the referral and pics in July 2007 (was it the 9th?  I think so.)!!!   What an amazing time that was, and how time zips by, and oh so many changes have occured here in our family.  More to come.  We have the third Gotcha Day coming up in August -- maybe I'll organize a party this time to celebrate beyond just our family of three. 

Oh yes, and it's HOT HOT HOT here.  Dogs are drooping.