Thursday, August 23, 2007

We are in China!

I'll make this brief. We had a great flight and are currently in Beijing. Yay for the new slot from IAD (Dulles) to Beijing -- non-stop! At 13.5 hours, it was long enough but we arrived ready to GO! bed.

Happy to find the weather here is just great -- high 80s/low 90s and a little less humidity than we've seen in DC.

Yesterday we toured the Summer Palace, saw the Marble Boat (which was supposed to last as long as the reign of the emporer who had it built...lesson to Bush -- the boat's still there but the ruler is long gone).

Last night, we took in an extra outing -- a martial arts/broadway-like kungfu performance that was billed as "More energetic than River Dance!" -- a quote from the Irish Ambassador to China. It was very impressive. Watching these young men smash stone bars over their heads reminded me of the long paper process we have gone through to get here.

Not sure how often we'll be posting here but rest assured, we are having a great time and look forward to Monday when we'll get our Gracie.

Love to all.

Xie Xie.


Meredith said...

So happy to have news from our favorite parents-to-be! Glad the trip went well, and the sight-seeing is fun. It must be hard waiting these last few days....but hopefully you're getting a bit of rest and time to enjoy being together BEFORE YOU'RE SLAMMED WITH BABINESS!!!!!! We will look for more news and hopefully pictures on the 27th. Thinking about you guys A LOT!!!
Much love
Meredith and all the BUDS!

Shannon said...

Glad you made it safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

Great news! I was just getting ready to phone China. (Kidding.) The trip details are an added bonus.
We'll all be sending our thoughts and prayers your way Monday when parents and sweet baby are finally a family in one place.

Love and proud of you, darling (huge thanks for smoothing out my worry lines),


Jeff said...

Glad to see that you guys are having a great time. Can't wait for the three of you to get back so we can see the "new" family.