Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wolf Child; Raised by Dogs

How many different dogs can you count in the following pictures?

Walking--almost! Climbing stairs--full tilt! 3.5 teeth and counting. More pics and a few stories to come...

Funniest comment to date from a friend who did not put this on the blog so I will:

"Thanks for the blog link. I've now caught up on the past 5 months of your life [...] and was a little astonished to not see one photo of you or your husband holding her, cuddling her, etc. Are you photophobic? I know that Grace is darn cute, but from all the pictures, I would guess that she is being well cared for by a group of dogs."


[With apologies to my husband, who cares for her very well.]

And there were five different dogs -- although a yorkie, a pit bull, two beagles and another dog-of-indeterminate origin were all lurking just outside the shots for a grand total of ten. She's not afraid of any of them.

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