Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grace, Mary, and Old Mac

Grace had her first piano recital today.  She played "Mary's Lamb" and "Old MacDonald."  I lost the cable that will allow me to sync the video and pics from our camcorder to the computer and upload them here, but I hope to find it or buy one this summer before our big international trip.  Anyway, she has only been nervous in the last two days, but has willingly given preview performances to anyone she can pull over to our piano.  We got dressed up today, complete with a special gift of painted toe and fingernails (purple) and McD's nuggets (we were running late).  She wore a chinese dress (fuschia, with colorful butterflies) from Alan and Donna, and white tights and red patent shoes (her fave, from Maya M.) and her REAL grown up pearl necklace from China that she will get to keep when she is 16. We clipped a little white flower barrette in her hair.   She fell asleep five minutes before we arrived at the recital hall (nothing fancy, finished warehouse space that doubles as a music store) where she woke up and readied herself.  The video is shot from behind; wish I could see her expression as she went through the following steps:  Walked to the bench, slid up onto the bench.  Sat for an eternity while people whispered "She SO SMALL!" until her teacher realized the bench was too far away for Grace to reach the keys.   After a quick scoot forward, Grace placed her hands on the keys and...sat...and...finally...played!  Flawlessly!  Methodically, with excellent pressure and timing, and not a note out of place.  It was magical.  Everyone was so polite and quiet and patient and when it was all over, she gave a hearty bow to the audience.  (I was so proud and happy, of course I cried!)  Later, after all the other kids finished and everyone was eating and drinking refreshments, she joined the crowd of kids at the piano and squeezed in to play another song, a practice piece, that we hadn't realized she knew from memory.  It was great to see her enjoying the piano and her new skills.   Puts all that drama from practice behind least until tomorrow.
Thanks to Miss Lorna, her wonderful teacher, and all of G's fans who have cheered her on since she started in February.  It bears noting that she has often remarked through the sturm and drang of practice, head in her hands, elbows on the keys, "I wish I'd never said I want to learn piano!"  Well, today, we are all glad she did.  Good work, Gracie!

Will also post photo of the program, in which she is the first student to play, as well as her medal (engraved with her name) from Lorna.  No shots of her black nose, which she gave herself by rubbing the program over it a few minutes before the performance.  Cleaned that up quickly.   

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psulace said...

I've been checking the blog for recent updates:) I hope you're able to post video and pictures soon, especially of her piano recital (I always wanted to play:)!

Miss you guys. Hugs and kisses to all of you! <3 <3 <3