Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dog in, Dog out....

Dog(s) Out

Sadly, our dear Bogart died last week. He was 12 and retained all his senses and love of play right to the end. I miss his large, loving, loyal presence. Here's a picture of him from last Summer.

Those of you who knew Bogart probably also knew Shelby. We said goodbye to her in August of last year (also age 12 but too soon, due to cancer). Here's a picture of the Girl.

Dog In

Entirely coincidental to the unanticipated loss of the Boy, my husband had brought home a new dog in need of a home just two weeks prior. Talley, our newest family member, is 2 years, 7 months old. Fixed, house-trained, sweet, and stealthy, she is a mix of many dogs but very possibly part Shepherd. Like Bogart, she loves to chew and chase tennis balls and chase the hose stream. She also would like to chase all cats and squirrels. At 54 lbs., she is half the size of Reese. Much like a second, third or fourth child, we don't have any pictures of her yet. I will post one soon. [Okay, edited on 7/10/2007 -- I am adding Talley B.'s picture.]

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