Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Post

Waiting for The Baby

Where is she? When is she coming? Is she a girl? How old is she? We hope to have answers to all these questions soon. Some day in early July, we will receive a referral from the China Center of Adoption Affairs that will include answers to these questions and maybe a few more.
Here's a picture of Reese, who is also waiting for Grace.

When do we leave?

We expect to travel in mid- to late-August for 16 days, returning home in early September with our new baby.

Want more details?

Stay tuned to this site!

For more details about the process, the wait, and other interesting tidbits, click here for Rumor Queen -- a blog and forum on Chinese adoption that is positively addictive:

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Bonnie Hughes said...

Darling Grace Mei,

We just heard the news today that a photo of you may be arriving by end of this week! As one of your several grandmas and your Mama's mama, I am so happy that arrangements are finally becoming a reality. You probably do not realize it yet but there is large family of kin (Papa-kin and Mama-kin) and a large family of friends awaiting your arrival. But we promise to be patient and allow you your naps, acclimation to the Province of Laurel, and most important, your time with your mother and father for ample holding and snuggling and getting used to each other.

Throughout your life, you will have an abundance of "grands," "greats,"
"aunties," "uncles,"
"cousins," neighbors and pooches. Pooches can be like pandas except that they do not require bamboo in their diet. Your pooches will protect and love you, as will your Mama and Papa, and your world of family and friends.

Grandma Bonnie & Grandpa Ed
Rochester, NY

Cait and Rob: We so miss the "Girl" and the "Boy." They had such spirit and dog soul.

We love Reese and cannot wait to meet up with Talley.

03 July 2007
Upstate New York, USA