Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Birthday Girl Turns One!!!

Grace didn't quite know what to make of the cake. A fistful in each hand, she leaned forward, mouth open, to reach what she could no longer it all on video! She enjoyed visiting with the other kids and picked up some great habits -- began walking more after they left. She's very impressionable. I plan to drop her at the nearest physics lab to see what else she can pick up! Even so, she is still mostly crawling; you can tell by the knees of her pants and the tips of her shoes. Favorite present (mom and dad's favorite, that is) -- "Walter the Farting Dog." It's a book. (Thank goodness, as we have enough live farting dogs in this household already!) Thanks, Sarah!!
Hair is straggling. She is having a bad hair month. Latest new "words" are "good girl" and "again," although it's really just tonal mimicking rather than any real pronunciation. Still, we think she's brilliant. Loving our baby on her first birthday celebration. Pics follow:

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