Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Notes on the previous posts...

In the pictures that follow, you'll see a series called "misc." and some others that look like Xmas photos (elfish outfit; blue room). These were staged a few days before Grace's actual birthday, in her party dress and in her Christmas elf outfit, in case the actual days would end up too hectic to think about photos. Nice plan, but even this foresight didn't anticipate her crabby mood (not enough napping that morning) or the flat, grey light that enveloped the house and outdoors. It was cool out; too cool to stage a party dress in the grass shot for a multi-baby pic (I know two other babes from China from the R. Queen blog -- they live across the nation but are roughly the same age and we all coincidentally bought the same dress so we are trying to photoshop the girls together) -- more artifice!

Grace was not satisfied with the horse, the penguin snow globe (which Mom dropped a day or two later...oops), the phone, or any other object besides the one she really coveted -- never let your daughter play with the camera just prior to a photo shoot and then expect her to happily relinquish the camera....

Another mystery revealed/insider tidbit -- see the shot on Christmas Day where Grace is surrounded by a green tin of unshelled nuts and Reese? I gave her the tin while I
worked to finish a turkey in the oven that started out as a well-intentioned effort by Daddy to deep fry it -- a pinhole leak in the frying pot made us turn quickly to Plan B. Anyhow, Grace tipped over the bucket of nuts and instantly both dogs dashed in for almonds and ran away; gargantuan squirrels that they are. (Did I mention that Reese cried every night last year until I would crack an almond for her? Weird dog.). After crunching into the nuts and getting half shell/half nutmeat, the dogs gave up. Reese lurked around waiting for nuts to fall out of their shells and Talley disappeared. Fast-forward 12 hours later...late Christmas vomit on the carpet in the room where the birthday party is to be held just a scant 20 hours later...No telling which dog left the birthday present...See the shots of Grace with curly balloon ribbons in her hand? She is sitting/standing in the very spot! Ah, the exciting life this little star leads. Tune in later for more behind-the-scenes scoop.

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my1girlcharlie said...

I am hoping you get this message.

She looks adorable, very similar expressions as our little one.

I am so glad that she likes Walter, he is a favorite of mine. The first time I read it I was in Barnes and Noble and had tears coming down my cheeks, my friend thought the book was disgusting, yet bought it for her daughter and they just love it! What can I say bathroom humor is great! Ask Grace's Dad.