Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ursa Minor

Okay, so Big Poppy is definitely a hit (see previous post; Poppy is a Panda). But he is no comparison to Giggle bear, another pal from across the pond.

This gal is straight from the UK; Plymouth, to be precise. Giggles flew British Airways with Al and Donna, Grace's godparents, and is never far from Grace at night.

In fact, one night she awoke around 2 am and was inconsolable until through much pantomime and a little guesswork, we figured out that Grace had developed an attachment to Giggles, Robin and the original (smaller) Panda and needed ALL THREE in order to fall back asleep. Now Robin goes to daycare, Panda treks around the house and Giggles stays close to the crib.

Giggles has some electronics in her right paw that make her the life of the party (at least until the battery dies or the dogs do in her chip and speaker).

One night, I awoke to the sound of hysterical laughing on the baby monitor (Channel "G," Grace TV). Grace had fallen asleep on top of Gigs and had set off the noises. Luckily, she was not roused by the sound or the repositioning of the bear's paw.

Now, the only unhappy sounds are those of Grace when Reese takes off with the bear in mouth, planning some bad end for the stuffed buddy. For now, bears have replaced the baby blankets and Giggles and Grace are an inseparable pair.

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