Monday, April 14, 2008

Where's Grace?

Or really, where's mom? Mom has been procrastinating on taxes for several months and felt overcome by guilt whenever she considered blogging instead of TurboT'ing. Sorry for the extended absence. Also, I forgot my password and got locked out for a lieSo, let's find out what Gracie is doing....

Eating: Yes, still. Although the doc said she was only 5th percentile for weight at her 15 month check-up, she is still growing in height and head circumference. Stats: Just over 19 lbs, 29 inches tall and 45th percentile for head. She will still eat just about anything you put in front of her, but you must be ready to feed her immediately upon awakening and right before bed.

Favorite late-night snack: cheese. Takes after mom.

Bedtime: Pretty reliably 8-8:30 pm.

Rise & Shine: 7. Or 8. Or maybe 6:30. And once, 9:00. We loved that morning!!!
Other: 1:30 am. Or 3 am. Or 4:30. With screaming. Not as endearing.

Daytime activities: Using her outdoor slide. Filling up the dogs' water and food dishes and carrying these to the feeding stations. Wiping surfaces with sponges, wipes and towels. Singing. Preventing mom from singing by putting her hand over my mouth. Playing piano gently. Imitating bird sounds and barking dogs ("Woowoowoo!"). Streaking. Climbing up on the beds, the chairs, the couches, the swings, the piano, the picnic table. Falling. (Oops.) Feeding the fish in the pond. Practicing drinking from an open cup. Using all her food bowls and plates as cups. Teasing the dogs by pretending to feed them. Pretending to feed me with her toy kitchen set. Emptying her potty chair, whether it needs it or not. Emptying her diaper pail (really!) by carrying it to the bathroom. Listening to They Might Be Giants on YouTube (Istanbul, not Constantinople) and YoYo Ma. Falling asleep on her big girl pillow with her Panda Bear, her British Giggle Bear and her robin (a.k.a "beh," "beh," and "buhr"). Pointing out babies ("bahbah"). Whining, screaming and rolling out crocodile tears (Really? Our daughter?). Throwing the ball to Talley ("Ta!"). Biting for attention. Pulling her wooden cricket or plastic catepillar around the house. Playing with her safari animals. Scribbling on the etch a sketch and on paper with pens or crayons. Wearing overalls. Picking dandelions. Closing the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and front doors. Brushing her teeth. Brushing mine. Turning out the light.

Pics soon.

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