Friday, October 24, 2008

Grace and Reese

These photos loaded in reverse order. I think it will all be clear if you view them from the bottom up. No pun intended.

There's only so much poking a dog will endure.




Reese is lazy and therefore was subjected to some toddler pestering. Talley, who tolerates Grace much better, was smart and stayed far away during this photo shoot. Missing is the last shot, where Reese has gotten up and left the deck, upending Grace in the process. In the other pics, you can Grace doing her chores.


Louanne said...

That is so cute!

Jeff and Amy said...

So adorable, Grace really loves her doggy and Reese seems to love her too :) Our dog is not so tolerable of Lily, no lie the other day Lily grabbed the dog by the hair and tried to bite her back because she stole her snack. LOL