Wednesday, November 5, 2008


That's what she says when she sees his picture, that of our new President-elect!

I am glad that Grace will grow up in an America that has chosen a new direction for this country, has demonstrated that hard work and intelligence can still bring the rewards (albeit additional hard work) of the nation's highest office, and has put a new face on our future.

Perhaps one day someone like Grace or even Grace herself will inspire Americans to revisit the Constitutional requirement for American heritage.

To all of that, I say, "Yes, we can."

(Postscript -- after watching the acceptance speech, I headed outside with the dogs in the midnight drizzle to let them do their business. Reese sniffed a bit too long at our Obama yard sign and as I watched in dismay, she lifted her leg and peed on it. Lest those among you who did not cast a ballot for Obama think this to be a reflection of some greater wisdom of canines, I hasten to note that Reese, being a girl and thus not usually inclined to lift her leg, only pees where others (boy dogs) have peed before. Someone in the neighborhood obviously allowed their dog to mark this sign, perhaps in some passive-aggressive commentary on our political expression. They also allowed the dastardly action to happen on election night, as Reese has had no prior reaction to the sign. And while I could be angry, I prefer instead to recall a wonderful and auspicious name I saw on a call sheet for a swing state I was contacting while volunteering for the campaign. The person's name was "Glorious Knight." Notwithstanding the incident with the urine, I will always remember November 4, 2008 with great joy as a truly glorious night.)

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