Friday, December 5, 2008


Grace and Christmas Pooh in the furniture department.

A bird in the hand is worth more than a sippy cup....

Hall Sprints.

Bedtime sillies.
Begging for crackers.

Grace is a truly incredible child. Here is what happened today in preschool:
According to her teacher, all the children were sitting in "circle time" listening to the plans for the day. The teacher mentioned that the storytime book would be about gingerbread men. Grace reportedly got up from circle time, walked over to the bookshelves and pulled out ALL of the books (randomly filed) that had gingerbread men in them, and brought them to the teacher. (We didn't even know she knew what a gingerbread man was!)
The other night before bed, she collected all the stories with rabbits in them for me to read.
Her favorite book these nights is "Moon" (really, "Goodnight Moon"). She enjoys looking for the mouse in every picture. She has a mouse in school (a real one) and its name is "Eee eee."
Today, I asked her to tell me her name. She did. First, middle and last. I am completely in awe of her brain.


Louanne said...

That's so cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. G and Ms. Annie are sure delighted!