Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Much love to all of our family, extended family, and friends from Maine to California (Mar, Paula, John, Lacey and more!), Qiangdao (Xiu Chen!) to the UK (Donna, Al!!!), Michigan (Betty!) to Florida (Penny! Mike!), and Arizona (The Family K!) and all the wonderful people who live in between, North and South, East and West (and my RQ friends from Canada to Australia, Washington State and Texas to Brussels and Iceland). Hope this Valentine's Day is filled with love. Here are a few pictures of Grace, the sweetest Valentine I ever had.
Thanks, MeinME, for the New England (lobster) to Maryland (crab) sweater!

She's cute and likes bold patterns. She picked out this sheet combo....hoo boy. At least she stripped and made her own bed -- guess we won't complain about the mismatch.

Black lips courtesy of Steeler-colored cupcake frosting (go Six-purgh!).


Kiy said...

Oh, what great photos! You are really catching us up on photos of the wonderful Grace! Darling sweater too!

Cheers, Kiy

Louanne said...

I love all the new photos. I don't have myself listed as a follower since I have had your link on my feeds list for ages. It tells me when you update :)

Happy Valentine's to you too.