Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pics 2009

Grace sends her first email to her bud, Charlie in AZ. It went something like this:

Queen CiXi and her entourage.

You there, pull faster.

I may be from Hunan, but I don't mind a snow day.

She ate the whole thing. First robin of spring. (Truthfully, it was an ex-robin; already dead; pining for the fjords; perhaps even frozen. It wasn't going to see spring. It might even have been killed by the goshawk we have spotted lately in a large tree in the back swale. A pile of mourning dove feathers on the iced-over fish pond suggests that our backyard feeder may be a fairly dangerous bistro for our feathered friends.)

As of January, Grace can recognize and shout "Blue Jay! Cahdinal! Woodpacker! Skuh-rel!Chickadeedeedeee! Right before Reese eats it.

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Kiy said...

Great photos. I really love the 'pull faster'! Thanks for the updates, I had to catch up. Sweet Grace is so wonderful!

Cheers, Kiy