Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hair, me, and Grace

I was just trying to kick the highlighting habit. In an homage to Earth Day (who knows what havoc hair salons wreak on the environment) and financial thrift (I know exactly how much damage the partial foil does to my bank account), I decided to stop a twenty-year habit of adding blond highlights to my hair and "take it back to my natural color." Here's what came out of the hairdresser's shop.... On the plus side, now I look a bit more like my daughter.

And no, she didn't notice.

[Just for fun, I am adding a pic of us from September 2007.]

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Cristina said...

Wow!! That looks GREAT!!! It makes you look heaps younger (and that's not a bad thing when you are our age!!) I chose to do the same a few weeks ago, and no, Alice didn't notice either!! Hugs, Cristina (Tassiegirl)