Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After a long, cold winter (with only one good snowstorm....par for the course, here), we were treated to 92 degree weather this weekend. Grace enjoyed wearing shoes without socks, and going barefoot, and spraying us with the hose, and planting vegetables and herbs, and eating popsicles, and putting on "lo lo" (lotion -- sunblock).

We also saw a ballet that starred our friends' daughter (Grace twirled in the aisle and jumped like the ballerinas). That was followed by a late night for her -- up to 10:30 eating pizza and downing several juice boxes on our neighbor's front porch, and watching the "lighting and thunderling" that was off in the distance. Ah, summer!

Here's a pic of Grace and some friends who came to visit -- the one digging in the sand was in our adoption travel group in 2007. The girls had a great time. There was much running and shrieking and hugging and playing.

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