Friday, August 28, 2009

Fewer words, more pics!

Eat Dessert First. [Actually, it's just my ineptitude with Blogger; can't get the pics to load in the order I'd like.]

She picked these shoes for her outfit because she wanted to run around the restaurant.
(Thanks, Al and Donna, for the pretty dress!)

Family Pics Before Heading out for Gotcha Day Dinner.

Yoo Hoo and the American Flag:

Steelers Fan.  No, she doesn't really sleep here -- she likes pretending that she's a "tiny baby" and having me feed her and rock her and climb in this bassinet (it's all we have to play baby with since we said goodbye to the pack n' play and crib last December).  I am sure when she grows out of this phase she will realize how immature she was and finally root for Tom Brady and the Patriots.


Charlie's Mom said...

I love the dress! I really like the picture with the US flag in the background. I am glad to see we are not the only ones out for Chinese dinner on our anniversary!
It was so great to see you all, we miss you already. Charlie wants to share her toys with Grace, yeah right we shall see.

Louanne said...

I love all the photos. She is so beautiful!!

And Nadia is full on the pretending to be a baby thing right now. At least 10 times a day she says, "When I was a tiny baby I did....." and I have to give her a fake bottle.