Friday, August 28, 2009

How We Spent our Summer....

Here are some pictures to show you what a wonderful, active and people-filled summer we have had!

As of this writing, Grace is unofficially over 25 lbs (maybe more, but if so, that means that I weigh more than I would like, so I prefer the accuracy of my scale to be somewhat nebulous), and quite possibly three inches taller than she was at the start of the year! We'll need to wait for the next doctor's visit to confirm these reports, but we have gone from a size 5 to size 7 toddler shoe in a year, so we have real evidence of growth. Happily, we also welcomed a new baby niece this spring, so someone will be able to use the clothing and shoes that Grace is quickly outgrowing (Yay Bella!).

And for a quick update, Grace likes Frog and Toad books, being barefoot, eating ice cream, visiting the monkeys at the zoo, doing flips on the bar at the playground (completely unassisted) and bouncing on the trampoline at gymnastics class (started in July shortly after we witnessed the flipping). She loves her grandparents (all six of them), her Uncle Alan and Auntie Donna from the U.K., her dear "aunties" and "uncles" in the neighborhood. The ocean. Noodles. Watching Kai-Lan, Dora and Max & Ruby. Playing at the playground. Running. Helping to cook, do laundry, set the table, wash the floor. She is less keen right now on washing her hair or going to bed (11 pm....!!!). Brushing and flossing are less fun now that she's met the dentist (really, she needs to understand that the more she does the former, the less she needs to do the latter!). And, she really wishes we would go on airplanes more often as she loves to fly!

Here come the picures.

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